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About ODYO Shop

ODYO Shop is dedicated to facilitate access to hearing care and the prevention of hearing loss. Although we are Canada’s one stop shop for all audiology, hearing care and hearing protection products, we offer worldwide shipping to offer you hearing care wherever you might be.

Founded by an audiologist in 2011, ODYO is an audiology clinic that facilitates access to hearing care through the mobility of its services, web technologies and awareness activities. Its vocation is to prevent hearing loss and to improve the quality of life and social integration of individuals living with hearing loss.

Our team of audiologists have selected and tested the products found on ODYO Shop to guarantee their effectiveness, safety and quality.

  • Earplugs and hearing protection products
  • Ear wax removal tools
  • Hearing aid accessories
  • Amplified phones
  • TV listening devices
  • Environmental control systems

Also, be sure to learn more about these unique products

  • Tinnitus masker toolkit
  • DizzyFix - Treatment for vertigo and dizziness caused by BPPV
  • Alpine Muffy - Baby earmuffs

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We hope you will find what you are looking for in ODYO Shop, please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any help with any hearing care product.

ODYO team