Alpine Muffy hearing Protection
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Alpine Muffy - Protection auditive pour enfants

Children are too often exposed to too much noise, which is too loud for them. Research has indicated that 1 out of every 8 children is left with pe...

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Colored Ear Mold Plastic Case
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Boîtier en plastique coloré pour moule et bouchon d'oreille

Colored Ear Mold/Earplugs Plastic Case: Plastic ear mold case Multiple colors for small size Blue and red color for large size

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EarPlanes - Bouchon pour inconfort lors de vol d'avion

Over 42 million air travelers each year suffer from ear pain during take-offs and landings. EarPlanes consist of two elements: a hypoallergenic s...

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Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs
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Hearos - Bouchons d'oreille Hearos Xtreme NRR 33dB

Hearos Xtreme Protection Earplugs are proudly Made in the USA of a proprietary formulation of polyurethane foam.  The ear plugs have been tested an...

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quies boules
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Quies Boules - Bouchons d'oreilles en cire naturelle NRR 27 dB

Quies boules ear plugs has been helping people block out irritating noise since 1918. The natural wax earplugs boast a noise reduction rating of 27...

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