Protection auditive pour enfants

Colored Ear Mold Plastic Case
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Boîtier en plastique coloré pour moule et bouchon d'oreille

Colored Ear Mold/Earplugs Plastic Case: Plastic ear mold case Multiple colors for small size Blue and red color for large size

Zoggs Aqua Plugz
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Zoggs Aqua Plugz - Bouchons pour la nage en silicone moulé

Zoggs Aqua Plugz swimming ear plugs are ergonomically shaped for ultra comfort and hypo allergenic to ensure maximum comfort and confidence in each...

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corded ear plugs
Économisez 35%

Howard Leight Clarity - Bouchons pour oreille avec fil NRR 21 dB

Howard Leight Clarity  - Corded ear plugs NRR 21dB Howard Leight's new Clarity corded earplugs improve worker safety and communication by blocking ...

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KidzSafe headphones
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KidzSafe My Design - Casque limitant le volume pour les enfants

KidzSafe hearing protection for kids headphones My Design - Protects little ears Volume limiting headphones. These headphones sound excellent. Ther...

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Alpine Muffy hearing Protection
Économisez 35%

Alpine Muffy - Protection auditive pour enfants

Children are too often exposed to too much noise, which is too loud for them. Research has indicated that 1 out of every 8 children is left with pe...

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Maxell Safe Soundz Headphones

Maxell Safe Soundz - Écouteurs avec contrôle de volume pour enfants

Be safe not sorry with the Maxell Safe Soundz Headphones! The Maxell safe soundz headphones protection for kids  are designed for children 3-5 or 6...

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KonoAudio KidzSafe
Économisez 35%

KidzSafe KonoAudio - Écouteurs limitant le volume pour les enfants

Protect your children's ears with KonoAudio Kidzsafe earbuds protection for kids which help prevent noise induced hearing loss with Kidzsafe safe v...

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Putty Buddies - Soft silicone ear plugs for water protection
Économisez 35%

Putty Buddies - Bouchons d'oreilles en silicone souple pour la protection contre l'eau

The Putty Buddies Soft silicone ear plugs are recommended for prevention of swimmer's ear or protection for kids with ear tubes or perforated ear ...

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EAR Band Swimmer's
Économisez 35%

Ear Band-It - Bandeau pour la nage

The original ear band swimmer's headband protection for kids, designed to hold ear plugs or ear molds in place while engaging in water activities...

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kidzssafe my design headphones

KidzSafe My Design - Écouteurs limitant le volume pour les enfants

Kidz Safe My Design headphones protection for kids - Protects little ears. Volume limiting headphones. These headphones sound excellent. There is n...

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Hearos - Earplugs multi-use silicone series NRR 22dB
Économisez 35%

Hearos - Bouchons d'oreilles à multi-usage en silicone NRR 22dB

The Hearos multi-use silicone series are available for kids as well as adults.   Soft, malleable and tacky silicone Offers certified NRR 22 decibe...

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